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Email blacklist and deliverability

Email blacklist and deliverability

Email blacklist and deliverability

Email blacklist – Threat to your email deliverability

Email blacklist is a list of addresses and domain names that various organisations have decided to block due to spam, malware or other configuration issues on the email server. Even if email servers are configured properly, your email maybe rejected by your clients, partners and other organisations because you are listed on a blacklist. There a number of reasons why your email services could be blacklisted, some of them could be malware attacks that have spent an unusually large amount of emails. A bad email server configuration that forwards spam or an email marketing campaign that has been reported as spam.

Getting unlisted from a blacklist can be challenging and sometimes difficult. First you need to make sure that your email servers are in good working order and properly configured. All end user desktops and laptops need to be free from malware, Trojans and other viruses. Once all issues have been rectified you will need to get delisted from any blacklist that you are on. This involves contacting 100s of blacklist providers to your email servers delisted.

Becs IT provides comprehensive blacklist monitoring to help protect your business reputation. We regularly monitor over 150 blacklists to ensure that you know as soon as possible of a potential blacklist issue. Our Email Protection solutions include inbound spam/virus filtering, a true outbound smart host to ensure your users and reputation are protected. In the event of an email server outage, Email Protection includes web accessible email to enable you to send and receive email and continue to do business.

Becs IT email experts can help with all aspects of email blacklists, including:

  • Identifying which blacklists you are listed on
  • Monitoring tool to proactively identify whether your domains and IP addresses are listed for inclusion on a blacklist
  • Low cost, cloud based email and complete security packages that help prevent future attacks that could add you to a blacklist

If you would like find out more or are currently blacklisted please contact Becs IT by clicking the ‘Contact’ button in the top banner.

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