About becs IT

Becs IT is a Melbourne based, 100% Australian Owned and Operated Company. Becs IT was established in March 2003 by Pat Marasea. After 11 years Becs IT has gained a lot of technical and industrial experience which are two of the fundamental assets.

Our mission is to provide the best IT Solution on budget, on time, every time! We are always researching new ways to increase our client’s productivity through the efficient use of today’s technology.

Becs IT is one of the highly professional and reliable IT company operating in the West of Melbourne, Geelong, Melbourne CBD areas of Victoria. With 14+ years of experience in both residential and corporate computer service environments, Becs IT provides you with the high quality technical support and computer servicing for your computers, laptops, Mac, and server environments. Since it was founded in 2003, Becs IT has earned an enviable reputation for providing prompt computer repairs and computer service to its clients with the highest quality computer repairs and upgrade services.

Becs IT Staff

All of the Employees at BECS have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in an IT field. With this knowledge and competence, we are able to confidently integrate any solution, no matter how large or small.

We are a group of highly skilled professionals who are always at your service to help troubleshoot all computer, network, and server related problems. Our experienced IT staff will guide you through all your computer related worries, doesn’t matter how basic or how advanced (business needs such as server installation and management, networking solutions and backup management and much more).

Pat Marasea - Becs IT

Pat Marasea - Becs IT


Bachelor of Computing, Computer Science / Software Development with honors

Ilia Marasea - Becs IT

Ilia Marasea - Becs IT


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering, with Honors

Bachelor of Computing, Computer Science / Software Development

Abbas Heidari - Becs IT

Abbas Heidari - Becs IT

Digital consultant, Web designer/developer

Master of Information Systems

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Area Coverage

BECS IT has a very good reputation in the Hoppers Crossing area for repairing your computer whether business or home very quickly. Our onsite or in-store computer repair service will diagnose and fix all computer and Mac problems no matter what software of hardware you are using. It is our challenge to solve 100% of your computer/laptop problems with the best of our ability.

Contribution to society

Becs IT is engaged in different social activities. The list below demonstrates the donations we made through recent years.

What makes us different?

  1. 14 years of experience
  2. 100% guarantee for quality work
  3. We offer both On-site and In-house services to suit your needs and urgency.
  4. Staff IT background
  5. No fix no pay policy