Cloud Data Storage Melbourne

cloud data storage melbourne

Cloud Data Storage Melbourne

Cloud Data Storage Melbourne – The ‘cloud’ is simply an internet based storage location where data can be kept digitally. As opposed to locally storing data and files on a hard drive in your computer.

What are the benefits? Cloud Data Storage Melbourne.

With these types of online storage come many benefits. For example, if you were to implement cloud storage into a business you would seamlessly be able to access files online from the office, from home, from anywhere and at any time. This grants access for all parties involved allowing files to be opened easily. Use of cloud storage safely stores all data offsite with better stability and integrity. Encryption and password protection also gives security for cloud backups and storage. Implementation of a cloud storage solution will offer protection against malware or hardware failure where your data can be restored simply from a cloud backup.

There are 3 main types of cloud storage; private, public and hybrid each with its own uses.

Private cloud storage.

Like the name suggests, is a private storage in the cloud that is mainly designed for a single person or company.

Public cloud storage.

This is similar to private cloud storage but requires less administrative control. Public cloud storage may only be accessed by those you authorise.

Hybrid cloud storage.

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of the two but much more customisable. This will allow for the insertion of applications. Hybrid cloud storage is useful as important files can be stored privately and less critical data and files can be stored in the public cloud.

Which is right for your needs? Speak with a specialist.

Cloud Data Storage Melbourne – At Becs IT we specialise in cloud storage and backup. Speak to a Becs IT consultant today on 03 8742 2451 and you can join the world of the ‘cloud’.

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