Computer Office Relocation Sunshine

Computer Office Relocation Sunshine

Computer Office Relocation Sunshine – We’ve done it again. We’ve assisted another business with their office relocation and have gotten them all setup and running with little to no downtime. Located in the west of Melbourne, in the suburb of Sunshine.

After many successful years and continuous growth you come into the office one day and realise that the time has come when you need more room. The time for an office relocation is here. The last two employees you recently put on have really stretched your office space.

You know that a cramped working environment can lead to unhappy and possibly stressed workers which in turn can cause a downturn in productivity, so it is time to relocate to more spacious premises.
This in turn brings about a whole new set of questions such as:

  •   How will my business continue to run during the move?
  •   How will the focus on existing workloads and commitments be managed?
  •   Will my staff be happy with the relocation setup?
  •   What reassurances do I have for a successful outcome?

Becs IT has all the questions answered when moving to your new office

Computer Office Relocation Sunshine – We’ll ensure to make your move stress free ensuring we have all your IT equipment up and running in minimum time at your new location. We are here to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our friendly staff will work with you from the start, guiding you through the whole process making sure no critical mistakes are made.

Before the move we will plan with you and outline how you want your new premises set up. When the time for the move arrives we will set your equipment up exactly as you want it.
We understand that your server or backup drive contains sensitive information. We guarantee that there will be no breach of protected and confidential information.
During the move we will regularly update you and your staff representative especially if there are any unforeseen changes. Communication is a key element of making sure that there will be a successful outcome.
We can move your IT equipment after hours or on a weekend to minimise downtime for you and your business. Whether the move takes place on a weekend or overnight we will have you ready for start of business within your preferred time frame.

If you’re looking for a IT Professional to help with your Computer Office Relocation Sunshine or in any other suburb around Melbourne, Becs IT can assist you. Any queries, call Becs IT NOW to discuss your office move on 1300 13 2327.

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