Welcome to Becs IT

Becs IT is an Australian and privately owned Information Technology company. Becs IT has rapidly grown in the IT industry since March 2003.

Becs IT operates in all sectors of industry, from large commercial & industrial IT projects to planning small to medium office and domestic works. Our experience and expertise has catered to many project types, from clustered servers, multi-story office automation, managed IT services, multi-site networking and much more.


Business IT Solutions

Lower your operational costs, increase staff productivity and make smarter business decisions. What are you waiting for? Start right now.


Server and Network Solutions

Centralise and mange your business data and resources within your four walls. Customised solutions for your specific business needs.


Managed IT Services

Security and Reliability for your business, ensure your IT infrastructure is managed. What are you waiting for? Start right now.


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On site and remote support for your business and personal computer issues. 

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Our Process and Methodology

Our aim is to fully work with and understand your requirements. At each stage we will keep you in the loop throughout the process of  development, design and managing your project.

Most importantly, we strive to supply our clientele with a cost effective, elegant and timely solution that will satisfy.


Speak with one of our friendly consultants to discuss your possibilities.


Work towards a plan and develop a cost effective, elegant and timely strategy.


Define your specifications and requirements. Design a complete bespoke solution.


We'll manage your IT solution and make it a reality from beginning to end.