Server Maintenance

Who’s looking after it?

You made a right decision to obtain a server for your business. It has been proven that a server can bring many benefits to a business such as file and network security, increased reliability, centralised data storage and shared resources, virus management and centralised backup.

Server maintenance is required to keep your server updated and running. To ensure your computer network is running smoothly you’ll need a network administrator. A network administrator is required to conduct server maintenance to maintain a server and network. This means that the administrator must assess the server for potential security risks and review the server’s performance on regular intervals.

Regardless of whether the network is small or large, if maintenance is not conducted the server and network performance usually will not run as well as expected.

If you have an existing server, require an upgrade or have taken the first step to purchase a server for your business, now you’ll need to consider its maintenance. Server upkeep and regular servicing will prevent costly downtime and keep your day to day workings of your business humming.

You need to ask yourself

  • Is there anyone  monitoring my computer network?
  • How long will it take to get help when things go wrong?
  • What are the real costs to repair and restore my downed network?
  • How long can I afford for my network to be out of commission?
  • Am I proactively monitoring or simply putting out spot fires?
  • How do I plan to avoid network and computer disasters?

Get the right advice from a Becs IT server maintenance expert

Becs IT offer one off emergency support, regular offsite monitoring or regular onsite server maintenance, be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Our IT expert will come your home or office to maintain your server and additional computers, gadgets, printers and business network.

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