How To Get Number 1 Ranking On Google

You’ve done it!

You got yourself a new website. You’ve staked your claim in the virtual property market.

Build it and they will come.

Well that was the idea. But it’s been more than 6 months, and where are ‘they’? If everyone is online, where are they and why aren’t they knocking down your virtual door?! Why haven’t you got number 1 ranking on Google?!

You look your service up on Google search – ‘computer repairs hoppers crossing’ is nowhere to be found on the first page. Or even the second page.

But there it is, found it finally.

On the 5th page!

Unacceptable, you think. You should be have number 1 ranking on Google.

You consider calling the SEO company who emailed you – they guaranteed you number 1 ranking on Google…

Beware of first page Google ranking guarantees by ‘SEO Experts’

Be careful of anyone who promises you that website will quickly get number 1 ranking on Google search results.  It’s likely to be a scam.

How will you know? The alarm bells should be ringing in your head if you come across any of the following promises:

  1. Immediate site indexing
  2. Massive search engine submissions
  3. SEO companies that will not answer your queries
  4. Hundreds or thousands of links to your site
  5. Unsolicited SEO offers.

How does SEO work?

Someone types in a search term: ‘juggling balls hoppers crossing’. Google then sends out its feelers to create an index of all the websites out there related to computer repairs in Hoppers Crossing.

It prioritises the websites that will be most useful for the user based on more than 200 factors about each relevant website. And that’s based on any given point in time – getting number 1 ranking on Google doesn’t mean you’ll be number 1 tomorrow. Or even in 5 hours.

So what can you do to improve SEO on your website?

2 deceptively simple things: Write great content and get a website built properly.

Content is king for SEO

Write great content that is original, useful, and interesting for your reader. Boost your content in several channels such as social media, directories, forums, email, any way you can!

Google gives SEO brownie points for likes and comments from social media sites so it’s worthwhile making your presence known.

A popular website will naturally create buzz with readers who will share your content if it is really useful and engaging. Google will take notice and reward your site with higher SEO rankings.

Also keep in mind the main words that people would use to find your information.

For example, people living in Hoppers Crossing who need computer repairs may look up:

  • ‘computer repairs hoppers crossing’
  • ‘computer monitors hoppers crossing’
  • ‘laptop repairs hoppers crossing’
  • ‘computer parts online hoppers crossing’
  • ‘fix my computer hoppers crossing’

SEO Tip: A very useful SEO tool is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool – use it to find out what keyword variations people are looking for and the amount of times each keyword has been looked up. You can include these words throughout your content (but don’t use them in every second word).

A damn good website will boost SEO rankings

A website built well goes a long way to get your web ranking results up there, and more likely to get you number 1 ranking on Google.

The website needs to be well planned and constructed with such considerations as:

  1. Easy navigation: logical and intuitive for users to find what they need.
  2. Images set up properly: use alt tags, and descriptions.
  3. Content styled for the ways users read online: use headings and dot points.
  4. Meaningful links: to make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand your site.
  5. Unique and accurate page titles: these appear in search results.
  6. Properly formed URLs: use words in URLS to quickly convey what your content is about.
  7. Well written description meta data tag: gives search engines a summary of your page.

SEO Tip: Do a quick scan for these aspects on your website and have a chat to your developer to ask if these have been done.

So now you know that exceptional content and a well-built website are the keys to getting your site up there on Google search results.

But, being the extremely intelligent and creative person that you are, I hear the wheels turning in your mind: This is going to take me a while. How can I fast track my site?

Warning: Don’t play dirty with SEO 

If you cheat, you’ll get caught – your website rankings, and your reputation online, will be affected negatively. So beware.

Summary: SEO Tips for for high rankings on Google

  1. Beware of guarantees from ‘SEO Experts’ to get you number 1 ranking on Google
  2. Write great content regularly that is original, useful, and interesting
  3. Boost your content in several channels
  4. Use SEO tools to help you find popular keywords
  5. Get a great website built
  6. Make sure your website has easy navigation
  7. Set up images properly
  8. Style content for the way users read online
  9. Create meaningful links
  10. Create unique and accurate page titles
  11. Use properly formed URLs
  12. Use the description meta  data tag
  13. Don’t play dirty with SEO.

All these tips will set up your website for high SEO rankings on Google, and perhaps even number 1 ranking on Google: of course we – and no-one – else can ever guarantee it! We repeat: all these tips will make it very likely that your site will get high rankings, even first page rankings and number 1 ranking on Google, but no-one can control whether it happens.

Now go and get top Google rankings!

You now know 10 times as much as the guy next door about SEO, so go ahead and give it a shot.

If you’d like a bit of help with your SEO…

Give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a few more SEO ranking pointers. Or make it even easier on yourself and let us take care of your SEO for you.

Contact us now to get your website SEO scoring high rankings on Google


Bec’s IT provide SEO services to achieve high Google rankings for individuals and businesses in Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit, Point Cook, Altona, Williamstown, Ringwood, Tullamarine, Laverton and all suburbs in between.

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