How do I flush a computer’s DNS cache?

The following article explains how to flush a computer’s DNS cache. This article is based on an article from Sunnyoasis Website

When a computer visits a website for the first time, it stores the website’s DNS information in cache. The next time the computer visits a website, it looks in the cache to see if the website’s information is present to use. This can cause problems if the website’s DNS information has changed since the computer’s last visit.

Flushing the cache removes all the information stored in cache, forcing the computer to find the new DNS information for the website.

To flush DNS for a computer running Windows, please do the following:

1- On your computer, click Start and select Run (or just type command into the box at the bottom called “search programs and files”) Press Enter.

2- Type command and click Ok to get to the command prompt

3- Within the prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns

4- You should see the following message

 To flush DNS for a computer running Mac OS, please do the following:

1- On your local machine, open a terminal window.

2- Within the prompt, type lookupd -flushcache